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Careers in the Construction Trade

If you’re considering the construction trade as a potential career opportunity, you need to know the ins and outs of the industry. Before operating heavy equipment on construction sites, you must be certified for each equipment type you plan to use. After all, employers want workers who have thorough training and hands-on experience.


Keep reading to learn about the construction industry and career outlook for heavy equipment operators before you take the next step.

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Top 4 Benefits of this Skilled Trade Career

1. Job Security

Construction is an essential trade in the U.S. economy. With an ever-growing population, new buildings are erected, and existing infrastructure is further developed each year. As the demand for construction projects increases, so does the demand for skilled construction workers. As long as the demand for skilled workers exists—and grows—you can rest easy knowing that your job is secure.

2. Improved Candidacy

Acquiring hands-on training is arguably the most important benefit of completing a heavy equipment training program. Classroom learning is important, too, but employers seek candidates who have experience operating the equipment they’ll use on the job. The more hands-on training you have, the easier it will be to get a desirable job placement and experience career success.

3. Job Flexibility

The ability to modify your daily job responsibilities, get promoted within your organization, and pursue opportunities with other employers is another key benefit of working in the heavy equipment industry. Once you have the skills needed to operate heavy equipment and complete various tasks, you can work wherever you want.

4. Financial Security

The median annual pay for construction equipment operators in May 2021 was $48,290. With continued industry growth on the horizon, you can anticipate this number to increase in the coming years. Most heavy equipment operator positions are full-time, which results in greater financial stability than part-time employment. Many employers offer additional benefits like health care coverage, PTO, and retirement plans.

Accelerated Programs

You can complete your training from HEC in as little as 3 weeks and start working!

Our programs are designed to help you become an effective and safe worker. With our help, you will also learn to apply general math concepts to calculate weight and volume. 

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Career Outlook in the Construction Industry

If you’re wondering what the career outlook is for heavy equipment operators, we’ve got you covered. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the annual job growth rate is on pace with the national average. This comes out to roughly 50,800 new jobs each year between 2021 and 2031.

In addition to projected job growth, heavy equipment operators enjoy things like:

  • Competitive salaries
  • Employee benefits
  • Opportunities for career advancement

Where You Can Work

The beauty of working in the heavy equipment field is that equipment operators can find employment just about anywhere upon completing a training program.


The construction industry has four main employment categories: residential, commercial, industrial, and infrastructure. Whether you have a salaried position at a private construction company or do contract work for an individual, external company, or government entity, the opportunities for employment location and type are extensive.

Core Skills & Duties

Hard Skills Soft Skills
Hand-eye coordination
Physical stamina
Clear communication
Takes initiative
Ability to operate tools and machinery
Critical thinking
Familiarity with safety protocols
Skilled with technology
Strong work ethic


Where You Can Learn About Heavy Equipment Operation

If you’re ready to pursue heavy equipment training, look no further than Heavy Equipment Colleges of America (HEC). As a certified heavy equipment school, HEC has the talent and resources you need to secure a job as a heavy equipment operator. From advanced classroom learning to hands-on training, we equip students for life on the job.

Different Types of Heavy Equipment Certification Programs Offered at HEC

Whether you want to operate cranes, backhoes, wheel loaders, or something else, HEC has the training programs you need to become a skilled heavy equipment operator. Click on the program options below to learn more.

Crane Programs

  • Certificate of Heavy Equipment Operations – Mobile Crane
  • Certificate of Heavy Equipment Operations – Tower Crane
  • Certificate of Heavy Equipment Operations – Lattice Boom Crawler Crane
  • Certificate of Fixed Cab Crane Operation With Rigging and Signaling

Heavy Equipment Programs

  • Certificate of Heavy Equipment Operations – Level I
  • Certificate of Heavy Equipment Operations – Level II

Drilling Programs

  • Horizontal Directional Drilling

Associate Degree Program

  • Associate of Occupational Science in Heavy Equipment

Our Training Locations

We have training locations in Georgia, Oklahoma, California, and Washington. Not all programs are offered in all locations, so be sure that the program you plan to enroll in is offered in your desired location.

Become a Heavy Equipment Operator With HEC​

Don’t wait to pursue the career you want. Enroll in one of our accelerated programs today to complete your training in as little as three weeks. Our career services team will also help you with resume building, interview skills, and job placement.


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