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How To Become A Heavy Equipment Operator

Are you looking to build your skills and join a booming industry? Whether you are a novice or an experienced regular in this industry, obtaining Heavy Equipment Training can provide you with outstanding benefits. These programs are the pathway to enhance your confidence, employability, mobility opportunities, and even your wages.

Heavy Equipment Colleges of America (HEC) is one of the leading schools in heavy equipment operation training. Founded in 2006 HEC offers a wide range of programs* in eight locations across the United States. HEC is renowned for our accelerated programs, qualified instruction, affordable education, and military benefits. At HEC, our first focus is on our students. We provide a centric educational experience to prepare them for their futures. Many programs can be completed in as little as three weeks. With that quick of a turnaround, HEC can open the door to your new career! We get you trained, certified, and ahead of the crowd.

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There are many reasons why HEC is a great school to receive your training, but let’s look at these specific benefits resulting from the training.

Confidence in skills:

With Heavy Equipment Training, you will become more confident in your skills and ability to perform the job efficiently. Operators are considered responsible for their machines, and knowledge of these skills will be noticed and appreciated by employers. Heavy equipment can be particularly hazardous, but proper training provides the information necessary to perform tasks safely and responsibly.

Employers are looking for candidates who can efficiently operate this machinery. Seventy-nine percent of crane workers stated, that they were responsible for the health and safety of others. In addition, eighty-three percent of other workers in this field said they continually used their hands to handle, control, or feel objects, tools, or controls ( Understanding the use of the equipment and safety measures are vital. Ninety-five percent of workers stated they wear safety and common protective wear every day on the job (

At HEC we are committed to being a leading educational institution offering effective training while maintaining a high standard of quality and integrity. Our programs are designed to fit our student’s needs, with hands-on training and in-class work; our students are well-rounded candidates for the work field. We offer up to four programs* to prepare you for the workforce: Heavy Operator 1, Heavy Operator 2, Lattice Boom Crane, and Mobile Crane Operations. Our Lattice Boom Crane and Mobile Crane Operations programs qualify students for the National Commission for the Certification of Crane Operator (NCCCO) Certificate Exam.

A certification from the NCCCO gives employers the assurance that individuals carrying CCO cards have acquired the necessary knowledge and skills. The benefits of NCCCO’s nationwide certification programs for employers include reduced the risk of loss, fewer accidents, more consistent training, and expanded job opportunities for those who work in and around cranes. NCCCO has administered over one million written and practical examinations and issued more than 280,000 certifications in all 50 states. This ensures that a significant portion of crane operators throughout the nation are uniformly informed, trained, and qualified ( Those who earn the distinction of the CCO credential can take satisfaction in having their skills be recognized by an independent accredited, authority (


Construction workers are considered to be one of the happiest employees, as workers stated the growth opportunities, great co-workers, and support from upper management create a working environment. People tend to stay until retirement, but as the older generation begins to retire there are not enough young workers to replace them (Fast Company). Employers are looking to fill these positions and various job opportunities, but there is a significant demand for qualified workers.

Between now and the year 2024 this job field will see an increase of five to eight percent in job growth. There is also a projected demand of 19,200 crane operators and 9,700 for heavy equipment operators (O*Net OnLine). This is an industry that needs young workers in fit mental and physical health to sustain it. There is an opportunity for career growth both for construction industry professionals and those looking for a start in this field.

In the short decade since the foundation of HEC, we have seen a substantial student population increase of 122 percent. HEC’s growth reflects the rapid expansion of this field and the unparalleled dedication of our students. Our programs are not only designed to prepare our students for the workforce but are affordable, as well. We offer financial aid to those who qualify and military benefits to those who serve. For more information on financial aid and military benefits check out our website – Heavy Equipment College of America.


The skills acquired from HEC can travel with you throughout the nation, skills such as operating backhoes, cranes, etc., are in high demand across the country. We have eight locations across the United States in Alabama, Georgia, North Carolina, Northern and Southern California, Oklahoma, Tennessee, and Washington. Students have the opportunity to travel across the country or find a closer location depending on their circumstances and career aspirations. We also provide assistance with housing. For more information check out our website HEC.

From infrastructure and home building to railroad construction and beyond, operators are always in demand. A career in this industry makes you eligible to work nearly anywhere in the world. Not many people can state that their skills are nationally and internationally transferable and in high demand. This is a unique field where the opportunities to relocate are possible.

At HEC, we go beyond the classroom to support our student’s transition from the classroom to the work field. We help our students with job assistance through our career services. Our career services department helps with resume building, mock interviews, and more. Graduates can ask career services for assistance in finding a job in another state. With our database of over 4,000 employers, we have unique tools to aid our students in their career endeavors.

Exciting and challenging work:

Unlike other industries, which may offer a limited range of work, this industry is always moving ahead and constantly calling for trained people to fill its essential positions whether as crane operators, skid steers, dozer operators, or more!

This is industry is for those who are not looking for a 9-to-5 job, but rather a challenge. While many jobs have a 9-to-5 schedule with a mundane repetitive schedule, not a single day is the same in this industry. You’ll never know what challenges may arise at work or what creative solutions it will take to solve them.

Workers can reflect on the impact of their contributions as they pass by their handiwork in the form of infrastructures, buildings, railroads, and more. The job satisfaction is outstanding as you will know that you have assisted in building something that will last for many years.


With only a high school diploma or GED certificate individuals can expect to make minimum wage in most jobs. Advancing your schooling with one of our programs may increase your salary intake. At HEC, our goal is to offer our services to the public for the purpose of helping career transitioning individuals gain stable, well-paying employment in high demand occupations ( Employers look for qualified candidates and the pay scale for these individuals reflects in its demand.

In this field, median wages for 2015 varied between $19.26-$24.83 an hour and $40,050 to $51,650 for annual salary (O*Net OnLine). Wages can vary among states and for the information you can visit With more skills under one’s belt, the opportunities for higher salaries are greater. HEC’s accelerated programs and qualified instructors can assist you in furthering or starting your career.

Taking the next step in your career is right around the corner with the Heavy Equipment Colleges of America. Heavy Equipment Training is a great advantage to have in this work field, as it can increase your confidence, employability, relocation opportunities, more challenging work, and even your pay rate. HEC is the stepping stone to your Heavy Equipment Training path and we are committed to helping our students join the workforce with the correct knowledge and support that is necessary.

Employers are looking for qualified candidates to fulfill positions in this growing field and Heavy Equipment Training gives you an edge over the rest. This is the career advancement opportunity you’ve been searching for. The opportunity to gain life-long skills can begin with our three-step application process; applying, proof of high school diploma or GED certificate, and meeting mental and physical criteria. In as little as three weeks, you can begin your path to a better and brighter future. There is no better time to accelerate your career than now. For more information on our application process, financial aid, programs and more visit our website at or give us a call at (888) 879-9492.

*Program availability varies by campus


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