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Alumni Spotlight: Chris Proudfoot

HEC alumni, like Chris Proudfoot, can tell you firsthand how important receiving the right training and education is to your success. No matter where you are in life, you can find ways to better yourself through education. Whether you’re a veteran looking for a smooth transition to civilian life or someone searching for a rewarding career, you can find programs designed to help you reach your goals. Read more about them in the alumni spotlight below.

From Military Life to Civilian Life

Pull quote: “I like being able to see the fruits of your labor as a project progresses.”

Before graduating from HEC, Chris was in the military, where he developed skills and experience using heavy equipment. He worked with an RG crane to safely move weapons systems. As he was leaving the Navy in 2019, Chris began thinking about what kind of civilian career he wanted. He had already experienced working in an office setting in managerial positions but decided that he belonged to the heavy equipment industry. That’s when he decided to look into heavy equipment programs offered at HEC. He was able to find a location convenient to him and quickly qualified for just about everything in HEC’s crane program. He is now employed as a crane operator for P&J Arcomet. He is responsible for daily crane safety inspections and operating the crane to pick up and precisely move objects and materials.

When asked about what led him to pursue a career in heavy equipment, Chris had this to say: “I like being able to see the fruits of your labor as a project progresses.”

Why Chris Chose HEC for His Education

One common reason veterans like Chris chooses HEC is that HEC is composed of many former military members. There are even campuses specifically for veterans. It’s no secret that the journey back to civilian life can be difficult, and no one knows that better than the staff of HEC.

“I love the fact that they dealt with veterans. Most of the instructors are veterans, so everybody had a good understanding of your mindset.”

Beyond the commonalities between other veterans on campus, Chris also loved how HEC reached out to help students. From hands-on training with newer equipment to instructors treating you as an individual rather than just a student, HEC offers a unique experience. Of course, it also helps that HEC has multiple locations throughout the US, providing great opportunities to those looking for a meaningful career.

“I liked the whole school. The way they have the school set up—it’s phenomenal. It’s by far the best school set up I’ve been in, and I’ve done college.”

Why HEC?

Why Heavy Equipment Colleges of America? The heavy equipment training programs at HEC can help you learn skills and earn certifications so you can start a rewarding career in the construction industry. Take a look at our programs below and discover the benefits of starting your career path at HEC.

Opportunities in the Heavy Equipment Industry

So, what kind of person is the heavy equipment for? Anyone who might need a little guidance to put them on the right track. Learn from experienced instructors and gain insight into what heavy equipment operation is like from those who’ve made a living off it. There are so many opportunities in the heavy equipment industry; you may even find yourself working jobs away from home. And the best part about this industry is that it’s not going away anytime soon. There will always be a need for people who can construct roads, bridges, and other vital pieces of infrastructure.

“If you’re searching for mentoring, this industry is full of opportunities. This is an industry that will never go away, ever. I don’t care how bad the economy is. You got to have people to build. You got to have people to do other things that most people want. And the money’s there, the education is here, opportunities, even traveling. I’m in Tallahassee, Florida, running the tower crane, and I live in Nashville, Tennessee.”

Discover your opportunity by starting with education, training, and certifications at the Heavy Equipment Colleges of America.

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What HEC Offers to Students

There is a reason that HEC alumni, like Chris, have such good things to say about HEC. Programs at HEC can be completed in as little as three weeks. That puts you on track for employment sooner than your peers who attended four-year universities. And when you complete your program, the career services department can help you navigate the job market. From sharpening your interviewing skills and resume writing to contacting potential employers on your behalf, HEC wants to help you succeed. With programs and campuses across the country, your next opportunity could be closer than you think. Find one near you- apply to Heavy Equipment Colleges of America today.


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